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What is Black Lotus? 

Black Lotus is a Movement to raise levels of Global Happiness and personal peace through meditation and Raks (Random Act of Kindness). Through this completely free meditation App, the endeavour is to connect communities and people at large to meditate collectively and create a powerful impact in the universe with right intentions.
Black Lotus app is developed and curated by Black Lotus Peace Foundation, a Non-for-Profit Company.


What is the vision/goal of Black Lotus?

  1. To increase global peace and happiness quotient.
  2. To improve quality of life for an individual by fostering meditation with Self / Others (you can journal your meditation each time and see how you are progressing)
  3. To spread kindness and goodness in the World by promoting “acts of kindness”
  4. Go through your own journey traversing levels with concrete actions like meditation, contemplation and Doing Good through Random act of Kindness (Rak).


What is the significance behind the name Black Lotus?

We need more people in this world that live by and champion the cause of goodness selflessly. Black Lotus is an apt name for such a person, Black is black because it absorbs all colors; Lotus is lotus because it is born in mire but stays gloriously above it. An individual who is in this world but sees and acts not in worldly sense as we know is a Black Lotus.


Who is Om Swami and how can I know more about Him?

Om Swami is a renowned Himalayan mystic. You can know more about Him in his own words here. You can connect with him on www.omswami.com.


What is meditation? How will I benefit by doing it?

Great question. Hear all about it from Om Swami here.

I am a newbie, how do I go about using the App?

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I want to give feedback, how can I do so in the App?

Great! We would love to hear from you. Please go to Meditation tab -> Settings icon (top left), and choose “Send Feedback” to let us know your thoughts/opinion/feedback/queries. Please note that the feedback will be sent via your email.


I am happy to use the app and I want to contribute. How can I do so?

Fantastic! We really appreciate your intention. You can choose to contribute in the following ways:


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Why should I have to Sign Up again?

We know this is a mild irritation if you had already signed up to earlier version. Kindly note that the new release is a brand new app, built grounds-up with totally new features, including what we want to know about our users. Hence you need to Sign Up afresh to help us know more about you. We regret this inconvenience and thank you for understanding! Also you could choose to Sign Up with Google Account with minimal inputs.


What new changes have been made from the earlier release?

We are very excited to tell you that we have added new features and implemented major changes in this release. A few of them are: