The team that has brought you this beautiful app is mostly made up of volunteers who donated their skills, funds and other resources to make Black Lotus a reality.

Here are the team members:

* Thanks to Vaidy Bala and Leena SN for their contribution.
* Thanks to our development partners and the Pilot testing team for their contribution.

* If you wish to send a word of appreciation or your comments, you can write on

* Background Music  for Meditation duly licensed from Malimba Records (
a. Flowing Zen from Zen Moments by Shastro & Raphael
b. Body flow from BodyHealing by Shastro & Nanda Re
Dance of the Swans from  Satsang by Shastro
d. Flute invocation, Meditation Descends, and Joyous Return from Reiki Meditations by Nandin
e. Being Here from Shamans Healing by Shastro
f. Bansuri  from  Be the Light by Shastro
g. Morning Grace  and Raga Jhinjhoti (excerpt) from  Music for Meditation by Malimba Artists Shakya & Raphael  and Mandala
h. Firewalk from  Shaman Earth Dance by Nanda Re
Special thanks to Deepak Sathe for exclusively playing and recording Rag Bhupal for Black Lotus.